How everything started

On a rainy day of 2010, my co-worker made me smile asking “Do Americans have culture?” Coming from the Old World, he grew up entitled to easy access to museums and architectural monuments of the past. Was he right? Of course not. But what made him, a good-hearted man, say so?

After I polled a few dozens school students, only few were able to recall a name of at least one prominent American artist of the past. All others were much more informed about MTV voiceless stars than their own heritage. Should we blame it on their own ignorance? Hardly so…In the era of mobile TV, iPhone, and Facebook, museums are slowly getting extinct and available only to lucky chosen who live in big cities. All others don’t know what they might see…

With a realization of this fact, I joined forces with a group of my friends to create a true Community Museum of classical American art, collected from publicly available Internet sources. Unlike some others, this Museum is completely free, not littered with advertising and does not have any remote plans to be commercialized.

Having started in early 2011, we already have 800+ artist profiles in our platform…and it keeps growing.

Hope you like it!

Alex L.